Learn how to configure Datasherlock for your specific needs. This guide provides insights into setting up your Datasherlock instance with all major sql databases

Database Configurations

Datasherlock offers support for all major databases. Choose the database type that suits your application's requirements and configure it accordingly.


type: "mysql"
  host: "<DB_HOST>"
  username: "<DB_USERNAME>"
  port: "<DB_PORT>"
  database: "<DB_NAME>"
  ssl: "<DB_SSL>" 

Configuration Options

  • host : Your database host URL

  • username : Your Database Username

  • port : Your Database Password, default 3306

  • database : "Your Database name"

  • ssl : "SSL is enabled or disable (true, false)"

Create Agent

NOTE: On Catalog page will will see API Keys, Each API keys are tightly coupled with agent.

Export Environments variables

export DS_API_KEY=****
export DB_PASSWORD=college

Register Database Metadata in the Cloud

To connect your agent to the Datasherlock cloud, use the following command. It will register your database schema with cloud

sherlock register --config config.yaml -n <AGENT_NAME>

Run an Agent Locally

To run an API server locally on port 8080, use the following command. You can then use this URL to interact with the platform:

sherlock serve --config config.yaml

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