In this document, we'll explore the key concepts related to the Data Sherlock platform


An Agent is a service that operates within your cloud infrastructure and serves as a bridge of communication between your environment and the Datasherlock platform.

Remote URL

To run an Agent, there's no need to expose any ports or endpoints directly. Datasherlock creates a secure tunnel, allowing you to establish a connection between your Agent and the Datasherlock cloud without exposing your infrastructure.


Registering is the process through which you provide metadata related to your database to facilitate query generation.

Database Metadata

During the Agent registration process, Datasherlock gathers comprehensive Database Metadata from your database and transmits it to the Datasherlock cloud. This metadata includes information such as table names, column names, and their respective values.

This Database Metadata plays a crucial role in empowering Datasherlock's query generation capabilities.

By understanding these key concepts, you'll be better equipped to utilize the Datasherlock platform effectively.

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