To deploy Datasherlock Agent using Docker, you need:

  • A working installation of Docker desktop.

  • Datasherlock api token key

Self-hosted deployments also require the following:

  • Ubuntu 22.04 or later

  • 4GiB memory

  • 2x vCPUs

  • 20GiB storage.

Register Database Metadata in the Cloud

You can register your database's metadata with Datasherlocks. Below is an example configuration for MySQL, Please update the cloud/config.yaml as per your requirment:

type: "mysql"
  host: ""
  username: "root"
  port: 3306
  database: "employees"
  ssl: false

To connect your agent to the Datasherlocks cloud, use the following command. It will provide you with a token and a remote link. Make sure to keep them safe:

sherlock register --config cloud/config.yaml -n <AGENT_NAME>

Download or clone the sherlock-on-premise repository.

git clone

Update environment variables

Configure environment variables in cloud/.env:

  • Set DB_PASSWORD to your database password.

  • Set DS_API_KEY to your datasherlock api token.

  • Set TUNNEL_TOKEN to your agent token that you got while register.

  • Set CLIENT_SECRET to oauth2 app secret if SSO is enable.

Configure deployment

cd cloud && docker-compose up

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