Welcome to our Datasherlock powered by Large Language Model! We are excited to introduce you to the cutting-edge technology that enables you to seamlessly convert natural language queries into structured SQL queries. This documentation will provide you with an overview of our service, its capabilities, and how you can integrate it into your software applications to enhance user experiences and streamline data retrieval.

Core Technology

At Datasherlock, we harness the power of fine-tuned large language models to convert text inputs into highly accurate domain-specific SQL queries. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your queries are tailored to your specific industry needs, whether it's business intelligence, data analysis, or e-commerce.

For our enterprise customers, we provide the option to opt-out of their metadata being used to fine-tune our general models. Additionally, we are pleased to offer fine-tuned company-specific models to cater to their unique requirements.

Supported Databases

SQL Databases

We support all major SQL databases. These include:

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL


  • MsSQL

Data Warehouses

We support all major data warehouses, including:

  • Redshift

  • BigQuery

  • Snowflake

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